Summer 2016

KISS NY Professional is a new cosmetic line from KISS USA, positioning itself as a line with professional quality, intense color and a variety of textures. The fun, youthful and sophisticated brand encourages its customers to be confident, have fun with makeup and to “Be your own Pro!”

To launch this new cosmetic line, we strategized the look and feel for the KISS NY Professional website, to set it apart from KISS USA, while still incorporating a unified brand experience. The main design aesthetic features a sleek, black look with accents of a rainbow color palette. This combination creates a high-end visual  experience, but also allows for product differentiation. We created headlines that were custom type-set and entirely ownable for the brand. We also art directed the product shots featured throughout the website, utilizing the dark, black background and emphasizing the dramatic lighting appropriate for the glamour of the brand. The new site sets itself apart from its competitors and truly lets the high-quality, affordable products speak for themselves.