PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone
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PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone

  • Creative Direction Mauro Porcini, Richard Bates, Tom O'Quinn, Jong Woo Si, Dakyung Lee
  • Lead Design Jong Woo Si
  • Design Aage Vetter, Steve Snygin, Sarah Zoon-Dempe

Project Overview

As a PepsiCo agency partner since 2020, JD&Co. Design has collaborated closely with this iconic brand to craft the official ten-year anniversary publication. This book serves as a tribute to the remarkable journey of a global in-house creative and innovative powerhouse, showcasing its unwavering commitment to infusing cutting-edge design into its renowned array of food and beverage brands.


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The Challenge

PepsiCo design team tasked JD&Co. Design to create an official anniversary book that pays tribute to their global creative prowess in elevating the design of their renowned food and beverage brands for over the past 10 YEARS!

PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone

The Solution

The elevated editorial type system used throughout the book flexes to match the energy and elegance of the PepsiCo portfolio. Custom silver and gold stock feature quotes from PepsiCo’s leadership suite, and vibrant inset pages contain stories and insights from PepsiCo’s global creative and innovation teams.

The revolutionary global products and services are brought to life on each page through dynamic cropping, thoughtful placement, and a color palette full of life and vibrancy. The overall excellence in execution of this 400+ page book mirrors PepsiCo’s show and shelf-stopping power throughout the last decade.

PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone

The Results

The book launched on October 31, 2023, and in less than a week of release, ‘GOOD DESIGN IS FOR EVERYONE’ hit #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s category “Branding & Logo Design” and #1 as New Release in the category “Industrial Design.” Soon enough, it will become a coffee table staple for passionate designers, creative and business leaders, and brand marketers.

PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone
PepsiCo Good Design Is for Everyone


  • Editorial
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Packaging

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