Cheat Sheets
Project 02

Cheat Sheets

  • Creative Direction Russell Klein, Vincent Nasserbakht, Andrea Gaines (Easton International), Dakyung Lee, Jong Woo Si, Cat Wyatt
  • Art Direction Tyler Moses, Aage Vetter
  • Lead Design Tyler Moses, Aage Vetter, Steve Snygin

Project Overview

We began our relationship with Easton International, a premium intimate brands distributor, with a sprint.

They approached us with a transformative laundry detergent product, and the reins to concept, name, and create a new brand in 60 days; in time for the 2023 Curve Intimates Trade Show at the Javitz Center in NYC.


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Cheat Sheets

The Challenge

The laundry sheet format has taken off across supermarket aisles over the past few years. Consumers have been gravitating to this innovative laundry solution to eliminate the guesswork of measuring cups, avoid messy spills, and most notably, tackle laundry days with a no-compromise, eco-friendly alternative.

Easton challenged us to leverage this emerging format’s buzz and inherently sustainable benefits as a springboard to develop a range focused on a additional consumer desire — efficacy and care.

Cheat Sheets
Out of Home
Cheat Sheets

The Solution

To meet the urgency, having 60-days to feature the new brand at the Curve Tradeshow, JD&Co. facilitated a Brand Strategy Workshop with Easton’s senior leadership. Workshop exercises established the strategic footholds our Brand ecosystem would be built upon: Positioning, Tone, Values, and Design/Naming Guardrails.

With a clear Brand Strategy roadmap, we kicked off our Brand Naming, in parallel to Visual System Exploration. Only three weeks into our Branding program, we arrived at a cheeky name, Cheat Sheets, and a design system and packaging range that hones in on efficacious, garment-specific cues.

Cheat Sheets
Packaging Design
Cheat Sheets
Web Design

The Results

Cheat Sheets distinguishes itself in an emerging shelf space full of Eco-forward brands. While inherently being better-for-you and the world, Cheat Sheet’s unique positioning as a premium and convenient alternative to traditional detergent allowed us to focus more on the clothing-specific offerings within the portfolio — Swim, Gentle and All Purpose.

The stacked white logo is reminiscent of freshly folded laundry. The monogram, enclosed in a slanted oval cues the buoyancy of a floating soap bubble. Together, the logotype and monogram establish a credible and pure tone and feel.

Continuing to draw inspiration from fabrics, distinctive patterns are utilized for each SKU. The depth and movement of the fabrics brings a modern vitality to the pack, while playful color combinations speak to the brand’s fashion-forward image.

Light and airy icons, simply and clearly support use instructions and product benefits. 

Cheat Sheets
Cheat Sheets
Out of Home


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration

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