PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books
PepsiCo Design Book 2020 Cover
Project 01

PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books

  • Creative Direction Jong Woo Si, Dakyung Lee
  • Design Jong Woo Si, Aage Vetter, Steve Snygin, Sarah Zoon-Dempe

Project Overview

A PepsiCo agency partner since 2020, JD&Co. Design teamed up with the iconic brand to create the PepsiCo Annual Design Books.


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The Challenge

Every year PepsiCo unveils their Annual Design Book, an exciting showcase of imaginative, boundary-smashing creative. PepsiCo tasked JD&Co. Design with giving their award-winning design work a beautifully cohesive and dynamic home.

PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books
PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books

The Solution

For the 2020 book, we created an eye-catching holographic cover, a choice mirroring the forward-thinking creative found on each page. Additionally, we created impactful design vocabularies to complement and enhance 480 pages of stunning PepsiCo design collaborations and experiences from around the globe.

This 2021 design book with the theme of “A Year of Transformation” showcases the joy of bringing people of all backgrounds together. It brought so much vibrancy onto the pages, and with a special pull-out sleeve, it adds that extra unique touch.

PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books
PepsiCo Design & Innovation Books

The Results

After the success of the two books, PepsiCo tapped JD&Co. Design once more to create the special 10th-year anniversary book!


  • Editorial
  • Illustration

Case Studies