Case Study 05

  • Creative Direction (Client) Carrie Crow, Richard Tassone
  • Creative Direction (JD&Co.) Catherine Wyatt, Dakyung Lee, Jong Woo Si
  • Lead Design Catherine Wyatt
  • Design Tyler Moses, Aage Vetter, Danie Suk, Katie Medina, Steve Snygin, Sarah Zoom-Dempe
  • Copywriting BODi in-house team, Ryan Cheung, Sarah Lawrence

Project Overview
Beachbody, a giant in the at-home fitness category, sought to expand their offerings to their loyal base and better reach today’s whole-body wellness consumers. The company renamed to BODi and added a mindset pillar to their already strong nutrition and fitness programs.


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The Challenge

To solidify their renewed focus on celebrating progress over perfection, BODi engaged JD&Co. Design for a Brand and Design Strategy Refresh. With the business unified under the BODi Masterbrand for the first time, it was important to develop a design system flexible enough to promote the unique programs within each pillar.

Mission —
Unifying a Wellness Giant

BODi’s updated mission is to help people achieve healthy, fulfilling lives through Health Esteem, promoted by three foundational pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset. To unify the portfolio under one Masterbrand we created in a single design system with enough flexibility for each pillar to promote the unique programs within.

Tone of Voice —
Refining SUCCESS

To inspire confidence in a brand that once preached perfection, and ensure its core audience didn’t get left behind. To get this right, it was important to be real and authentic, to communicate value and expertise in the simplest terms possible, and have fun along the way.

Design Language —

BODi has everything you need to feel good from day one and live a healthy life on your terms. To serve every category a straightforward yet flexibile design system is key. With joy and vitality at its pinnacle BODi delivers a world of possibilities.

The Solution

After rounds of stakeholder and audience interviews, we established BODi’s guiding principles of Joy and Vitality.

With Joy and Vitality being at the core of the BODi brand world, JD&Co. Design needed to refresh all brand visuals and verbals to be uplifting, encouraging, authentic, and full of movement.

The new logo was the first to receive this treatment, now available in outlined and stacked forms for a larger range of uses and animation. The BODi color palette and photography style were derived from the birth of the company itself. Founded in California in the late 1990s, the imagery references the brightness and positivity of the West Coast sun, and features women and men with that fresh, can-do attitude.

The typography system, featuring bold expanded headlines, dynamic mixed-font callouts, and clean, easy-to-read body copy, is wide and robust. The variations allow for a full range of engagement between the brand and its consumers, from motivating to educating.

The guiding pathway symbolizes the driving force behind the BODi brand system, whether it appears as moving, frames imagery, or stands as a static wave.The path is not straight or the same for any two individuals, and it has its ups and downs, but the BODi pathway will be there for you when and how you are ready.

  • It is very rare in my experience to meet a creative firm like JD&Co. where flawless design meets egoless character. The support of the team has meant everything to me in my tenure at Beachbody and together, we've been able to transition this proud, legacy organization to BODi, a brand grounded in impactful, human-centered design. The mark they have left on BODi will be felt for years to come.

The Results

Our partnership with BODi has allowed the fitness brand to reinvigorate their communications with long-time customers, and establish new audiences with a holistic wellness focus. As the fitness category has expanded beyond the conventional codes of ripped physiques and extreme commitments to a more mindfulness and general wellness space, BODi is projecting positive cash flow in Q1 of 2024—the first time since 2020.


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Packaging

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